Potential Energy was built to motivate urgent action on climate change, with the goal of creating advocacy campaigns to not only educate the U.S. public on the issue but to encourage action. A 501(c)(3), the agencies on board are: Barton F. Graf, CAA, Digitas, Droga5, Hill Holiday, Lippincott, Maslansky+Partners, MRM//McCann, m ss ng p eces, Oberland, One Hundred, Possible, Purpose, R/GA, WME, Work&Co and Zenith.


we've developed a program that encourages graduating high school seniors to register to vote. High school graduation speakers will all give the same 60 second piece of their speech. The hope is that we get the larger group of Gen Z to show up to vote and create change in the fall. 

The original idea to use graduation speakers came from droga5.

At Barton, We took on the Look and Feel of the website as well as the Film below where we turned all the negative words being said about gen z into a speech for the students to give. 


We've already received some press: