ractured and contorted human bodies become living sculptures
all images courtesy / ©  bill durgin


by manipulating the human body into contorted geometries and abstracted formations, american photographerbill durgin plays with the observers perception of the scene. the curled up, fractured anatomies — some semi-concealed behind boxes and wooden blocks – study the corporal limitations from a fresh angle, resulting in a series photographs that are both fascinating and slightly disturbing. working with his own body, and sometimes with dancers and performers who take contortion to the extreme, the artist realizes a collection of living sculptures. with only a small portion of skin, muscles and limbs exposed, the viewer is left to interpret which part of the body they’re actually looking at, as shoulders seem like knees, and necks could be calves. deconstructing the physical characteristics and intermixing them with inanimate objects results in anatomical-cum-architectural compositions.