Some Sketches by Ricardo Cabret.

This is a collection of several sketches created by Puerto Rican artist Ricardo Cabret.

Ricardo Cabret was born and raised in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. His artistic interest was aroused by Cuban contemporary artist Zilia Sánchez. After a graduation in Electrical Engineering, which is far away from a career as an artist, he co-founded Viva Epic Co., a company with a focus on sports and beach wear. The work as Viva Epic’s art director and head designer led him back to his artistic roots and Ricardo Cabret quickly decided to become a full time painter.

Ricardo Cabret’s distinctive artistic style caught the attention of different contemporary artists and soon his artworks were shown in various exhibitions in Puerto Rico. In his attempt to create a modern technological platform where science and art coexist harmoniously together, Ricardo Cabret moved to New York City, where he had two solo exhibitions until today.