A friends advice...

Good Life Advice I’ve Received that Has Stuck:

“Money on the table speaks louder than ideas.” - Curtis Archer

“Most of what you’re afraid of most never happens.” - Jack Ohm

“Whether or not it’s true, you get the best results from people assuming their best intentions.” - Ira Zarov

“Under promise, over deliver.” - Darcy Norville

“There’s no life at the bar.” Ryk Heish

“Student’s that are driven to succeed will succeed with or with out you, the difficulty of teaching is reaching the most reluctant learners.” - Chelsea Knox-Brown

“Everyone makes messes, the measure of a person’s character is how they clean them up.” - Ayesha Pande

“There will always be a barrier.” - Assya Wang

“As long as you’re fair.” - Will Lucas

“There is enough ugly in the world. “ Rose S.