Covered with black bricks on the outside, John Pawson’sLife House’ is the kind of place we’d happily take some time out in. The generous, balanced retreat welcomes guests with brightness and a soft interior palette.

‘Life House’ also includes a contemplation chamber buried into the hillside.Commissioned by Living Architecture, the celebrated architect spent nearly five years working on this simple yet refined retreat and making it a perfect space to ease one’s mind and find the serenity. Influenced by Japanese design and the architecture of Benedictine monks, the architect consulted with the philosopher Alain de Botton to develop the concept. This resulted in a carefully designed space, with each part prepared especially for guests to relax. In addition to the carefully curated selection of transcendent and calming music in the bedroom, a library with therapeutic literature and soothing views of Welsh mountains.  Above all its excellent features made to clear one’s mind, the building simply displays the most sophisticated form of minimalism in architecture – which is relaxing even to look at.