fruits and vegetables surrender their saturation to a grey and gloomy fate
all images courtesy of giorgio cravero

‘colors’ is both the title and theme of giorgio cravero‘s recent photographic series, where fruits and vegetables slowly surrender their saturation to a grey and gloomy fate. the torino-based photographer, recently selected as a winner of the 2016 hasselblad masters awards for the series, has combined physical food with digital tools in the collection’s making. cravero dipped produce into buckets of vibrantly colored paint and photographed the sequence of drips that materialized on their edges. then, he carefully removed segments of saturation in a steady gradient, so that the fruit fades from prismatic to pale.  

however behind the pretty pictures, cravero describes a tragic and poetic reflection of man’s arrogance towards nature, and the inevitable demise of humanity that this attitude will soon beget. read the project’s description in the artist’s own words below.