kerrie brown patterns wallpaper prints with theatrical, gritty-graffiti graphics

after a career as a set decorator on international feature films, kerrie brown began her own design brand in sydney, australia. at her studio in woollahra, brown renders vibrant and theatrical graphic illustrations, prints and patterns for application on textiles, lampshades, and wallpaper. photographic imagery is overlaid with text, drawings, paint pigment, portraits, and paper, forming dynamic digital collages that merge artistic styles, time periods and cultural symbols.

at the second edition of maison&objet americas 2016 in miami, brown presents a range of recently-released compositions that feature bold, gritty, graffiti graphics for use in both commercial and domestic settings. with names like ‘botanical graffiti’, ‘I think I’m turning japanese’, and ‘rock star’, the aesthetic-cues are clearly drawn from a vast array of european art, blending a dynamic and luminous color palette with 18th century motifs, asian influences and street art style. the designs range from an explosive mix of period imagery, to contemporary graffiti smudges, to dreamy pools of liquid pigment that saturate interior settings. ‘being a set decorator is a bit like being an interior designer, but your client is a character in a film,’ brown describes. ‘it is all about creating a world for the characters to live in, but now I’m loving working with real people and designing for their lifestyle.’