Named “Terminal” the light sculpture of Polish artist Karolina Halatek stands just like a recently landed spaceship in the middle of the town hall square in Gerlingen, Germany. The artwork was shown at this year’s light art festival “Aufstiege” by KulturRegion Stuttgart. Terminal is a light space formed like a tube with two apertures on each side that creates a passage dissolved in light. The focus of her work lies in the power of light as a key element and material for her installations. With the medium of light, she creates empirical, site-specific spaces, and light objects at the surface of the visual, architectural, and sculptural. In the artistic sense, the object is isolated from the outside world as a spectator, but stands in the spotlight at the same time. For her project, Karolina Halatek was inspired by the near-death experiences of people returning from unconsciousness, which reported their experiences at the threshold of death.