Textile artist and prop stylist Jessica Dance (previously here and here) gives common objects a touch more tangibility, turning electronics and accessories into knit copies of themselves with 100% lambswool. Previously working to transform food into fuzzy replicas, she is now focused on vintage computers and Nike kicks which she refers to as Vintage Knits, and Vintage Flufftronics.

Her new pieces were photographed by food photographer David Sykes to give the appearance of being shot for a glossy magazine. Dance’s works sit in front of colorful backgrounds, their wooly exterior contrasting the sleek method in which they were shot.

Dance’s new series of knit objects will be on display at The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show in Olympia London from March 3 through 6. You can read about and view more of Dance’s work and progress on her blogand Twitter. (via Colossal Submissions)